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Today marks the official launch of Trendolizer Pro and the relaunch of  We hope you will discover lots of interesting internet trends with them.

In case you never visited the old it was a website that showed you the most trending stories, images or videos on the internet.  Which is exactly what the new does, only it now scans many more sources and there are subsections available about many more topics: food, cars, movie trailers, politics, gaming, crowdfunding, religion or atheism, take your pick.  The full list of topic based Trendolizers can be found here.

"So, what is Trendolizer Pro then?", you might ask.  Fair enough: Trendolizer Pro gives you a dashboard that lets you look directly at the data inside the Trendolizer engine (which powers  It allows you to add new sources to the system and gives you the ability to sort and filter the information that is returned in various ways.  The result is that you can see upcoming trends emerge long before they even reach the front page on

Trendolizer Pro is meant for people and organisations who have a professional need to know the about the latest internet trends as soon as possible.  Which video is gaining views or picking up tweets?  Which image is currently pulling in all the likes?  Which articles about topic 'X' are being shared most on Facebook?  Any galleries that are being pinned a lot today on Pintrest?  With Trendolizer you can get all of that information via an easy to use dashboard.  You could even get it in your mailbox if you wanted it.

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Interested?  Check out a full list of the features of Trendolizer Pro or contact us for a demo...

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